Circle It 
Digital Marketing Design

Circle It, a Chicago-based startup, aims to infuse social media with connection. I worked with the VP of customer experience to streamline the education and onboarding process for mobile users. Gifs, videos, and still graphics were implemented into email newsletters, the initial app experience, and the website.  
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Digital Product Design

While working for Grand Studio, I assisted a small team with conducting user testing and research and implementing new strategy and visual design for one of the NBA’s digital products. For proprietary reasons, actual project content is not included here. 

The NBA was included in Fast Company’s list of the world’s most innovative companies in 2018.
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American Express
Digital Product Design

I worked with a team at Grand Studio to conduct user testing and research about American Express customers. We designed a new digital product for the company. For proprietary reasons, actual project content is not included here. 

American Express released a new brand identity in 2018, performed by Pentagram (image at left).
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Armour Magazine
Design, Editorial Content

Armour is the style and culture publication at Washington University in St. Louis. We were a team of fifty and produced a ninety-page magazine each semester, supplemented by web-exclusive content.

As Editor in Chief, I directed photo shoots and design, ran brainstorming meetings, initiated marketing and fundraising, and edited all published content.

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Capturing the Dance
Design, Writing

Capstone for BFA in Communication Design

This book asks: What happens after movement stops? How is a dance preserved?

Among dance fans and professionals, there’s a gap in knowledge of what happens to a dance after the live performance ends.

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