Armour Magazine
Design, Editorial Content

Armour is the style and culture publication at Washington University in St. Louis. We were a team of fifty and produced a ninety-page magazine each semester, supplemented by web-exclusive content.

As Editor in Chief, I directed photo shoots and design, ran brainstorming meetings, initiated marketing and fundraising, and edited all published content.

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Capturing the Dance
Design, Writing

Capstone for BFA in Communication Design

This book asks: What happens after movement stops? How is a dance preserved?

Among dance fans and professionals, there’s a gap in knowledge of what happens to a dance after the live performance ends.

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Uffizi Museum App
App Design

Mobile app for the Uffizi museum in Florence, Italy, featuring custom itineraries, maps, art guides, and event calendars.

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Flip Turns Podcast
Brand Identity

Brand identity and logomark for Flip Turns, a swimming podcast run by Chris Conner that tells stories about the ways in which swimming has impacted lives.

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Currently: Chicago